Anthem for a Divine Pussy Cat

For the first time in my writing life, I find I am speechless and in awe.  I struggle to form the words for how I truly feel.  I mean no humor or diminution in calling our beloved Cecil, a Pussy Cat.   He was a magnificent and royal lion.  He was also a poster being for all that I find painful in a world of audacity and arrogance.  In a heartbeat, a wild and wonderful creature can be erased from life as we know it by someone who needs a trophy on his wall   Do I forgive this entitled fool?  Heck, its the Christian thing to do, is it not?  Frankly, I must put this item, this elusive forgiveness, aside until later.  Right now, I’m in grief and find a huge lump in my heart for a creature who will no longer be reigning over his pride. As for laws and protection,  Cecil was SAFE.  It took law breaking, insane arrogance and money to lure this wonderful creature out of his place of sanctuary. .    Maybe silence is all I can muster or, perhaps, a silent roar.  I’ll look up and do so, but for now I can only bow my head and weep.