Bio: OK you found me out. I'm a semi retired microbiologist and author. This somewhat unholy alliance has led to many articles, four novels and one bio thriller about to be hatched. I have no earthly excuse not to write volumes except that I have this belief system that I must be in some dangerous place to be inspired. Hence, I exercise every ounce of frequent flyers I possess. My travels worldwide have inspired much of my writing and, of course, been involved in my bio work as well. It is now time that I pay attention to the calendar and get cracking. Riding two horses of two parallel careers can be a bit uncomfortable and hard on the hips. One last confession, I love all animals to bits. I pet sit anyone from dogs and pussycats, to kangaroos and the occasional emu. They help and inspire my writings and often write their own journals. Another career? Perhaps. let me saddle up my third horse.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. HI! We met at Asilomar on Monday, my last day there, in the front of the cafeteria. We discovered we had some mutual friends from Dutch Flats. Also that we are both writing books, mine about my adoption saga and yours in the field of medicine and disease. You had a meeting with your co-author that you were preparing for. I hope it went well. I just wanted to say hello now that I found your blog. Blessings! Susan


  2. Thanks, Geri! Glad things went well. I would love to write you on your gmail but don’t have your email address. Could you please give it to me? Maybe you could write ma at my email address below with it. Thanks, Susan.


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