Get off your butts world!

OK, I’m visiting a friend at a senior park.  I decided to do a deep dive into every activity they have here.  You know:  research what the oldies are up to.  A confession? In my world, I have an entire book of excuses why I can’t walk 2.5 miles in my pristine forest.  Among other things, the lady mountain lion might get me or a she-bear with cubs could attack me.  That’s highly creative with a tinge of truth.  So here I am in Southern California, the land of high energy and high impact dollies with blonde hair and short shorts, and did I forget the exquisite tans?  But I’m in elderville, after all.  These folks are ancient to the millennials.  And so am I.

So I ponied up to the exercise hour.  One day is walking, the next chair yoga.  I smiled.  What a bunch of pansies, I thought.  Of course, I never included myself in the pansies.  After all, who needs all this exercise hype?

And then Rosie walked in.  She is 92 and counting.  As I watched her do all 4 rounds of the walking impact whatever you call it, I suddenly realized that she is my heroine.  She was quoted as saying: “Don’t give up…We’ve worked hard to get here, There is NO GOING BACK.”

So,  Rosie is my new heroine.  If she can hang in there, so can I.  And by the way, there are no pansies in the crowd that shows up.  They are all dedicated to getting as much exercise as they can.  And glory hallelujah, there isn’t an exercise Nazi in the bunch.  They are all supportive of taking it slow, but doing whatever one can to keep moving.

Maybe our senators and political aspirants need to show up at an elder aerobics class. It might freshen their persepective.  Go team!  Go Rosie!


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