I’m sitting in a fabulous place in Berkeley.  In fact, I’m house and pet sitting and enjoying the spring weather.  My heart and soul, however, have flown to the Himalayas.  I have had the joy and sacred experience of walking the hills and villages of Nepal as well as the villages on the Indian side of the great peaks..  It is my favorite place in the entire world.  It is my touchstone.

Hearing the news of the earthquake and decimation, I find I can’t shake the sadness and loss I feel so personally.  Mountain climbers and trekkers are in enormous strife, but a nation, a country and her people are in mourning.  I am in mourning.  May the miracle of prayers and loving kindness heal my beloved home of the heart  and her wonderful people.  There just aren’t any words….except maybe this:  Life changes in a heartbeat.  There just aren’t any words……


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