The Tooth Fairy Expedition

Five stalwart companions mounted their steed well before dawn (4AM to be exact).  The steed was a gas guzzling SUV but hey, it saved taking two cars, and allowed for naps, comradery and Starbuck and gas station breaks.  We took no prisioners.  There was no dalliance or detours to view wild flowers.. We were on a mission:  the tooth fairy awaited in a place called San Luis, a border town near Yuma.

Having received numerous and wonderfully shocking estimates on the need of this and that, I was staring at a  minimum of: $4K to max: the sky is the limit.  The other members of the tooth posse had a bit less dramatic work to do, but had also been delivered the option:  sell your first born ….to get this done.

Dental work is daunting at the best of times.  I admit I am a total wuss.  I require gas to even have my teeth cleaned.  I entered the “Valley of the Dolls” by taking a valium before I even walked into the dental office.  What we found was a highly dignified and experienced dentist who fixed us all,  My $4K shrank to $700.    I had one extraction, two crowns and a fixed bridge.  One crown alone in the US exceeds $1K.    what are we thinking?  Designer dentistry is BIG BUSINESS.  Don’t get me wrong:  I highly value my stateside dentist(s) but I simply cannot afford the prices that are now placed on it all.  Across the border dentistry may be a risk but my risk is even worse: leave it all and don’t get it done.  My recommendation is to get a couple of references from yanks who have had the work done personally.

Alcadonas is a simple walk across the border from Yuma, Arizona.  San Luis is a smaller town a few miles further.  Tijuana is closest to San Diego.  Clinics vary from highly sophisticated one stop shops including implants, to keep it simple dentists who do simple work.  Oh and did I add a taco and corona await the hungry and thirsty across the road?   Snow birds aside:  all ages were seen waiting for their work to be done.  Is this perchance a dental revolution?

I’ve researched Viet Nam, Costa Rica, Thailand, India:  they all do medical tourism.  Again, fine work, but best to have references.   If you have the frequent flyers to cash in, these countries  are set up for dental and medical tourism, including WONDERFUL places to stay during the adventure.

SO:  We came, we saw, we conquered.   My advice? if you can go off season of snow bird immigration, the chances of waits are much less.  Off season gets hot, but hey, suck it up, the price is brilliant and so is the work.

Our noble steed returned us to the Sierra hinterlands in four days. Crowns, cleaning, extractions, bridges, you name it: the tooth fairy delivered.



3 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Expedition

  1. You certainly have a way with words. Love the humor in your posts. What you say is correct as Dentists seem to have a law of their own. They are just as bad in OZ so I hope people with similar complaints take you advice and get their teeth attended to at a reasonable price. Great blog


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