How to Hold the Heart of a Woman


It’s really very simple.  After all that’s said and done.

After all the bellowing of liberation and believe me suits

and attache cases, we still appreciate:

  1. Flowers that arrive for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Gifts of thoroughly and irrevocably impractical “girl things”.
  3. Being shown how to clean our battery terminals.
  4. Helping to snow shovel the driveway.
  5. Saying “Yahoo, go get em!” when we do something wildly courageous.
  6. Holding hands in public or at least brushing a shoulder quickly.
  7. Finding things that have disappeared on our Hard drive.
  8. Dancing slowly and silkily to an old tune.
  9. Calling on a Thursday afternoon to say, “I love you”.


Geri Lennon  1994


5 thoughts on “How to Hold the Heart of a Woman

  1. Hi, Geri
    Thanks for following! I meant it as a compliment. I speak for myself when I think some writers hold back or write what they think people want to hear or read… but then I come across artists, writers such as yourself and it inspires me to write or at least gives me the courage to explore the subjects that I want to write about. Thank you!


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