Birth Announcement

OK, for those of us that have some aberrant fear of publishing, Yahoooooooooo!  I climbed over the wall, and will soon have a victory chalice in my greedy little hand.

Our book entitled “Dark Journey Through Time” is a collaboration with a wild and wooly mystery author in the bush of Australia:  Bruce Cooke.  He is the king of what ifs?   We managed to write this mystery novel together and then far apart:   two continents apart to be exact.  We wrote and skyped and exhausted MS word docs.  Usually when Bruce was writing, I was fast asleep and vice versa.  17 hour differences are not for the undaunted.  But tell you what?  it was a grand experience.

I’ll let you know when the “book” is truly birthed and on line.  The publisher is Caliburn press.   Its a cracking good mystery of parallel lives, shootem ups, a crooked man running for president, Nazis, and unspeakably courageous heroines.  It is also a story of redemption and reconciliation of a family torn apart in dark times.





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