And the beat goes on

Today is the third day of voting and results. People countrywide are holding their breaths and wondering if their loved candidate will make it. What frightens me is that 50% is what is happening. We are a nation truly divided like Solomon’s twins. I am shocked as I don’t fall into the “other side”. They are shocked as they don’t want to be on my side either. It is a mess and a sad one. Politics has finally gone rabid. Foaming at the mouth, is indeed occuring.

A serious thing like a pandemic has become a race of which lie is best to present and which is true to follow. We are a nation at risk of fominating confusion. No, we are already there, the fominating level of confusion. Gone are the days of easy voting and the same night a concession is made by the party that loses and we all move along giggity gig. Now. we have an incumbent president not will to concede but willing to sue the living hell out of his winning competitor just to be mean and refuse to face facts.

But I’m not interested in the hoo hah of things. I just want to know that America has a future and not one filled with the Hatfield and McCoy business. We are headed straight for that scene and I personally am grieved that I’ve lost my country. Can any of us find her?


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